Fixedgeargallery, hah!

Behold the vision of majesty that is The Cardinal!

Observe his beautiful chainset. Think your NJS stamped pimpy mcbling from HubJUb is pretty? Not compared to this. ;)

You know, putting one of these on your bike is like fitting your house with underfloor heating and moving it to the coast of Cornwall.

This kind of custom paintjob doesn't come easy. You need to zip-tie a spare chainring to the handle bars, fit the bike to the roofrack and then drive home while ignoring the pinglypingly noise above your head. That takes dedication but the aesthetic rewards are immense.
runs into toilet...........


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That's his electric hamster, that is.

How are you enjoying the trailer on singlespeed, O foolish one?


Beautiful isn't he? :biggrin:

Yup, them's Smartys Spandex. Not so good actually, the bearings are a bit crap, but a nice pedal to use. The thing on the rear hub is a Rainbow Racer light.

Single speed with a Yak is a bit of a chore, but I'm not in the best condition at the moment, so it can only get easier. Especially when I put it on Oscar.
Chuffy, I'm not happy about you running a singulator on a fixed wheel, they're not designed to cope with the loads.
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