Flying Scotsman

Dave Davenport

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Watched it the other night, can't say I was very impressed with it as a piece of film making. Being a cyclist and having read the book I just about managed to stay interested. It didn't really explain the significance of the 'hour' or give any insight into his mental illness and the begining seemed to jump from childhood to failed bikeshop owner with no explanation of what happened inbetween.

For a true story that had all the ingredients for a cracking drama I thought it was a bit of let down.


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I always find that with films once I've read the book. But in this case I think I needed to have the book to have an idea what was going on. Still enjoyed it though.


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read the book some time ago. Saw the film about two weeks ago. Enjoyed the film and watched it with non cycling members of the family who enjoyed it as well.


Read the book and enjoyed it, even though I was simultaneously impressed and appalled at the things he'd done. I'll see the film soon - looking forward to it.


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They could have very easily got bogged down by concentrating too much on Obree's mental health. Reference that all is not well is there throughout the film it ticks away subtly. Enjoyed it especially when he demolishes the washing machine for the bearings cant believe that one would go down well in my house. Was never gonna be as good as the book but think they did a good job of it.


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I just thought it was a missed opportunity to tell the story properly. It's one of the most incredible true stories I've read, probably more incredible to me than Uncle Lance's, but the film was formulaic and I agree it missed out what made the story incredible.

But having said that, Obree was consulted and on set throughout filming so I can't criticise it too much.


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I was told when we were watching it to not even think of doing it to our washing machine. I wouldn't anayway as I know I couldn't build a bike.


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Saw it last night and was pleasently surprised.

Only fault really (and this applies to his book) is that is doesn't really tell a non-expert audience just what an incredible athlete he is.

Its not (just) about the bike.
I read the book last year and thought it was a very good read, moving in parts and quite inspirational in others. However I got the DVD for Christmas and having watched it I was a bit disappointed. I realise that the story had to changed a bit to make it more 'user friendly' but some of it was a bit too movie schmaltzy for me.
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