Fog-me its murky out there

It is seriously foggy outside, and the surreal aspect is being massively enhanced by the weird whale music that has been sampled into this somng playing right now!!

Am cycling to the 'rents today, so 30miles of foggy country lanes are about to wrap me in their clammy embrace. Wish me luck!!!



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Don't do it Jaco! Went out on Thursday in fog. Never been so cold on a bike in years!!!
Dangerous also. The ba***rds will run you down with good visibility, let alone when they have the excuse of thick fog.xx(:becool:


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I had a 20 mile round trip to drop a christmas hamper type sack of goodies off at my Nan's, 10 miles of that along sea wall on low lying marshland.. Gosh the fog gets you wet doesn't it? Lovely ride though, dead still, saw thirty odd geese moodily muttering at each other while bobbing about on the treacly sea lapping up through the mist, then more geese in a V formation overhead, heading inland, with a couple of stragglers flapping madly to catch up.
Further on the lonely whir of my chain was joined under the muffling blanket of dense, silent fog by the gurgle and hum of an electric pump moving water lazily around the oyster beds of the local shellfish farm. A brief, strange mechanical harmony sung at me, chain, pump and babbling water in a surprisingly hypnotising chorus before it drifted off behind into the all devouring whiteness, leaving my chain once again to its solo thrum. The oysters said nothing.
Hardcore dog walkers looming out of the chilly murk nodding silent, grimly sympathetic greetings from beneath their ear muffs and face scarves counterpointed the solitude of the tarmacked wall stretching off into white obliveon ahead and behind. I wore my Aldi waterproof cycling trousers which made me a bit sweaty but kept my lap from getting too wet and cold, and Nan gave me a bag of homemade scones to bring home as well. Wikkid Bonus!


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I went out (in the c*r) in the fog this afternoon. 500 yards up the road, and I was in blue sky and sunshine. Further along, the fog, or would it have been mist, was lying thickly on the ground, but the trees were bathed in sunlight. Later on, the fog thickened, and then got thinner again,so that a watery sun tried lazily to pierce the murkiness.

Brock, I am very impressed :smile:with your eloquent description of the hardcore dog walkers, with their ear muffs and scarves etc, and the counterpoint of the wall. Perhaps you could improve on my description above of the fog?:becool:


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Sorry mate, it's enough effort transcoding the disjointed stream of estuary english, swear words and guttersnipe slang that falls out of my own brain into something legible, I'm tired now :becool:


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Foggy early in the vale of AVon - glorious on the uplands

haggard rider

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spandex said:
it was just as foggy up hear in york all day

Not to the East it wasn't. I hit Leavening and emerged into glorious sunlight - on the top of the wolds it was bright blue sky and sharp, crisp air.


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I went out yesterday in the fog as I thought that it might clear a bit by noon. It did for about twenty mins and then back it came thicker than before and colder. Good fun though, only did twenty odd miles but it was nice to get out.
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