Fold. bike Tern Node D8: Is this the right way to raise the handlebars


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Hello everyone, I want to raise the handlebars of my Tern Node D8. Well I see in this video How to Adjust the Physis™ 3D Handlepost (or see the screenshot) that the metal-colored, small rod is turned with 6mm wrench; Clockwise, to adjust the handlebars to a higher point?

01 Tern D8.jpg

So I could do that. But what's holding me back is the following warning (in the video at 0:39):
‘Do not adjust without proper knowledge of tools. If you’re not sure, ask your dealer.’
It will be my lack of technical insight... But when I look at the locking mechanism like this, I can't imagine that if I were to turn the metal-colored rod (red arrow in image below), it would raise the 3D Handlepost.
Your feedback is welcome. Thanks in advance. :okay:

02  Tern D8.jpg

03 Tern D8.jpg


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Do not do this. There is no way to adjust the height of the bars, certainly not with that rod. It adjusts the tension of the latch, nothing else. If it feels a bit loose, or tight, to fold or unfold, adjust accordingly. Otherwise, leave it alone. And you do not want the locking mechanism to be loose!! Been there, done that with my Dahon. That wasn't fun…What you need is either the longer version of the handlepost (having checked the Tern site it comes in 290mm and 350mm lengths) or a new, adjustable stem- Tern's Andros is their solution. Got a Syntace VRO on my Dahon, does the same job very well.
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