Folding bike handlebars


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hi, I have a holiday apartment in Spain so I bought two fold up bikes so we could explore the area. We bought a pair of northern compass bikes from a second hand website but we’ve not been able to use them as when we push the handlebar fitting into place, the handlebars can still rotate 360•. So we can’t steer them. They both appear to be new bikes otherwise in perfect condition so I’m guessing we’re doing something wrong. I attempted to contact the manufacturer for advice but they haven’t replied. Can anyone help? Thanks


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Can you post a photo? It is likely that the handlebars got loosened for the sake of transportation. Hopefully this is just an issue of tightening screws and it likely has nothing to do with the ability of the bikes to fold.


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Looking at that, if you fold down the handlebar and look down the headstock thete should be an allen bolt. Dont over tighten it but it needs doing up. It will pull a wedging nut into the fork steerer tube, overtighten it and the steerer tube can split
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