Folding Tyres.

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Got a standard Spesh Allez elite with the mavic cxp22 wheels. Looking to change the tyres and am not sure which is best. Rigid or foldable and do the foldable types fit these wheels? (Have read that you need certain types of wheels for the foldable tyres to sit in properly)
Thx for any help.


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I have the same wheels on my Spesh and folders fit no problem.


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i found that folders don't last as long tho, so unless you have a need to fold em up for travel spares, just go for rigid.

i once had a folder roll off my rim while i was cycling. i noticed it and thought "o my tyre must be flat" and then BANG!!! my inner tube blew. the tyre had rolled off which caused my inner to blow and go flat. after i changed it, it was a slow cautious ride to the nearest shop (10 mile away!) where they told me that it the edge had weakened, probably because it was a folder (didn't realise, it came with the bike). always had rigid since. the other folder which came with the bike had previously failed also... the wall of the tyre gave way which made the tyre distorted and gave it a weird kink. i only noticed because the tyres had a stripe down the middle which made it obvious. that probably would have caused me a problem while riding.


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The rim to which Lee refers is the sort that has a 'lip' just inside the top of it. AFAIK all modern wheels are fine for folding tyres.

Sheldon has words on the topic.


had a folder once and didn;t notice it after finding it fiddly to fit

their only advantage as I understand is that they can be folded


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Tynan said:
their only advantage as I understand is that they can be folded

I think folding tyres are supposed to be lighter too, aren't they? Not sure how much difference that really makes in the real world though, unless you're a gram-shaving racer. The main advantage is that you can carry a spare tyre with you on long rides. Some can be fiddly to fit because they tend to be tighter to allow for the fact that foldable beads stretch more than steel.
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