Foot pain when using cleats, Please help.


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I have just started riding clipless using m500 spd pedals and crane shoes but after 15 or so miles the sole of my foot above the cleat goes numb and i get a sort of numb tingling on the underside of my toes,if i unclip and ride on the platforms the feeling goes after 10 mins or so.Is it incorrect cleat position,the shoes or just simply something i have to get used to? Many thanks for reading.


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I had this same issue. It could be all sorts of things. First thing I would suggest is to move the cleats back as far as they go and see it still happens. If it does it's not going to be the being clipped in, it's going to be shoes.

I solved it by getting the green, high support specialized BG footbed. Never had it again.

Here's a good article about it..


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I found SPDs did that to me in the summer and gave me numb toes in the winter and moving the cleats made little difference. I swapped to Crank Brothers pedals Mallet on two trikes and Candy on the other and the foot problems disappeared. Both types have a platform and a central eggbeater. I suspect that SPDs put the pressure through the cleat area and very little onto the platform. Whereas the CB pedals take the pressure on the platform, the eggbeater merely retains your foot.
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