Football trivia question...



Started young, and still going.
22 yellows
12 more yellows for the subs.
7 second yellows
4 yellows for the managers and coaches
4 second yellows for above
7 red cards for players, game now abandonded for too few players.
4 red cards for managers/ coaches.
Total = 50 ??


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Plus substitutes! So... You can't send subs off before they're subbed (can you? can you get a card as a potential sub from the sidelines?)

So... Another 1 per sub (yellow card, substituted, then sub gets two cards) that takes us to 48. Then you've got the problem of what to do if there is no oppositin, so at least one player has to be on the pitch, thats 47.

Unless you can get a card when on the bench... Can you?


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My latest guess is...

5 subs for each team (10 total)
1st yellow (10 cards shown)
2nd yellow (10 cards shown)
Red (10 cards shown)
All of these players are carded whilst they are on the bench.
There is no provision for managers / other staff to be shown cards.

11 players for each team (22 total)
1st yellow (22 cards shown)
2nd yellow (max 3 on each team = 6 cards shown)
2nd red (max 3 on each team = 6 cards shown)
Eight players per team remaining which is the minimum number.

Total cards = 10+10+10+22+6+6 = 64



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Theoretically it's unlimited cos a player can be shown a red card more than once, e.g.

Professional foul by centre half with anger management issues - straight red
"That was never a foul. You're a cheating **** ref" - red card
"You can wave that card about as much as you like you're still a cheating ****" - red card
"And yer maw's a **** an all" - red card



DLB said:
I work with a bloke who is an assistance ref in the Barclays Premiership and he asked a good trivia question a while ago.

"What is the maximum number of cards that a referee can show in a professional football match and the match still continue".

Any guesses...?
Is the answer 3 ducks?
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