FOR SALE pair of Karrimor panniers (small)

Discussion in 'For Sale and Auction' started by jay clock, 1 Dec 2017.

  1. jay clock

    jay clock Massive member

    Hampshire UK
    I have had these a few years (10+) but unused last 9 approx!. Hard to photograph but I have posted an action shot. The ones in the pic are the same front and rear - I replaced one pair with larger ones, and then replaced the whole lot with Ortliebs.

    The panniers fit with a little clip like this 01-12-2017, 14 45 01.jpeg?dl=0 that attaches to the rack. I have at least three clips (you need one pair per bike) and may well have more in the loft. You can have all of them that I can find. They are actually really good. Possibly also some spare top clips. I also did have some rain covers. If I find them they will be in too!

    Will be in loft later to see what I can find

    £15 posted - PayPal or bank transfer.

  2. Blue Hills

    Blue Hills ^

    Pm sent
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