1. AlanW

    Ortlieb Pannier straps for Back Roller Panniers

    Has anyone got a couple of these pannier straps laying about that they don't want? I did have a pair, but for the life of me they are eluding me right now?
  2. Harril

    Carradice Panniers

    I have to say that I wasn't aware of them until recently, but they seem like a good alternative to Ortlieb. Does anybody here have any experience of their products? link to their homepage:
  3. Oldhippy

    Arkel Panniers

    Does anyone have experience of Ariel panniers? I'm quite taken with the tent bag section and other bits. Pricey though and wondered if anyone can give first hand experience.
  4. betty swollocks

    Panniers with shock cords

    Many years ago I had a pair of Karrimor panniers. They attached to the top of the rack with hooks and elastics with a hook on the end, to the bottom. Because of the elastics they were held in tension and thus were secure and (very important) rattle-free. I wish I still had them. I don't know...
  5. Paul Walters

    Trailer v Panniers for Tandem Touring?

    Whereas I've done loads of touring on my single bike, and can fit everything I need into panniers, my wife and I have now acquired an Orbit Velocity Tandem and plan to do some multi-day or week long tours on it. We are novice tandemeers, and I was wondering about the wisdom of adding more...
  6. D

    Thule panniers

    Has anyone used thule panniers I am looking at buying a set would like some real world feed back thanks I currently have ortlieb which have been fantastic for me the thule ones would be for my sons bike I think he fancies a different brand to mine Thanks
  7. IaninSheffield

    Yeah, but where do the panniers go?

  8. middleagecyclist

    *SOLD* Pair Ortlieb Back Roller Classic panniers

    No longer required. Pair of Ortlieb's classic panniers. 40L, mounts in full working order, cosmetic marks to exterior but never ripped or punctured. Interior very tidy. £50.00 inc p&p. Please PM if interested.
  9. neil earley

    Two Ortlieb City panniers SOLD SOLD

    As above just clips on to rear rack by quick release £75
  10. DDE

    Backpack vs Panniers

    I’ve been commuting by road bike for over 5 years. Until recently, I’ve always used a backpack. It’s 24km in each direction. I’ve never had too many issues with using a backpack but in my mind I always told myself I’d upgrade to a rack and panniers some day. The benefits were clear in my...
  11. fixedfixer

    Carradice Super C panniers SOLD

    Carradice Super C bags. A4 bags These have the quick release / adjustable fittings. One bag was returned to Carradice for a professional repair on the straps (where the stitching had come undone). Carradice reinforced them with rivets as can be seen in the photo. (probably stronger than the...
  12. PeteXXX

    What's been in your panniers today?

    Mine.. Caterpillar train set and rails. Flooring spray glue. Two whirlygig washing line spikes. A flapjack. (Not the trampoline) :tongue:
  13. brookie

    SOLD Karrimor Kalahari Panniers

    Pair of Karrimor Kalahari 35 litre panniers. Complete with rain covers and fittings. Only used for one trip so are in nearly new condition. £20 posted. .
  14. B

    altura panniers

    the other day I went for a ride mixture of cycle track and farm track somewhere along the way the bracket that holds the pannier to the lowerpart of the rack came off re traced most of the route but no luck is there another way of securely fixing the pannier to the lower part of the rack I feel...
  15. eversorich

    70L or 48L panniers?

    Hi All, Newbie again. I'm currently looking at these: 48L 70L I'm looking to head off for 6-9 months across Asia. I can only use rear panniers due to my carbon fork which I can only...
  16. robgul

    Carradice & Karrimor bags and panniers

    Having a clear out of luggage items - all in excellent condition - prices are plus postage or collect from Stratford-upon-Avon - please PM. Carradice Nelson Longflap saddlebag £30 SOLD & PAID FOR Carradice Barley saddlebag £22 SOLD & PAID FOR Carradice Zipped Roll £15 SOLD STP...
  17. flyingfifi

    Altura orkney 34l panniers

    What are Altura orkney 34l panniers like to use?
  18. biggs682

    2 Set's of ProAction panniers ALL SOLD

    These came with a recent bike purchase and I won't be using them anytime soon . Two what look identical pairs of rear bag's . With the following approx measurements . 15"or 38cm tall , 12" or 30cm at the top narrowing down to 7" or 18 cm at the bottom and 5" or 13cm main compartment size , with...
  19. B

    Panniers - A quick heads-up....

    Not sure if anyone is in the market for panniers, but I got a very good deal on some 40l, Ortlieb Hi Viz ones yesterday that I thought worth sharing..... Considerably cheaper than elsewhere, and...
  20. Polocini

    Now sold. Thanks.

    Blackburn Central panniers and top bag purchased 7th may from ribble at a cost of £101. Still have receipt and all packaging. Used for three rides but touring wasn't for me! £60 posted or £50 collected from Manchester. NO OFFERS. Photos...
  21. scotjimland

    Altura Arran 16 Panniers .. Three for sale

    Only used a few times on day trips.. never toured with them, they are good as new .. I had four, but have sold one already.. hence the odd number. at £25 EACH + P/P £3.99 2nd class Royal Mail signed for if more than one I can get a price Makers description. Introducing the improved...
  22. Roadhump

    Heels hitting panniers when pedalling

    I have been looking for some panniers so I can dispense with my rucksack and after much shopping around, plumped for a pair of Basil Mara XL from Halfords, not least because they were cheap at £22.99 (less 10% via Cycling UK membership) and 27 reviews on Halfords website led to an average rating...
  23. Mini58

    Trailer or Panniers?

    i intend to do LEJOG in MAY this year! Does anyone have any thoughts on taking a trailer or packing panniers? With regards to weight I was looking at packing 20kg plus a bit of food - I am camping with the odd day B&B I am looking to take a month though a little bit over is not a problem. I...
  24. ADarkDraconis

    Basil panniers, has anyone tried them?

    Hey there everyone! An extra 9 inches of snow yesterday and more coming down today have me itching for Spring, and I plan to have my mudguards and rack put on in a couple of weeks in anticipation of eventual ice-less commuting. I will be taking my work clothes and folio, lunch bag, etc. as...
  25. Tim330

    Ortlieb panniers or ...?

    After my last week tour along the Danube with my budget panniers in the rain, I promised myself a set of the rubbery yellow things all the Germans who passed me seemed to be using. With the hope of keeping my kit dry I’m now in a position to spend some money. I’m planning next years trips and...
  26. jay clock

    FOR SALE pair of Karrimor panniers (small)

    I have had these a few years (10+) but unused last 9 approx!. Hard to photograph but I have posted an action shot. The ones in the pic are the same front and rear - I replaced one pair with larger ones, and then replaced the whole lot with Ortliebs. The panniers fit with a little clip like...
  27. Soltydog

    Creek2peak panniers (Free) **now gone**

    I've had these panniers for a good few years & whilst away for a few days last week, one of the clips broke, as can be seen in the picture. It would appear that they are no longer made, so can't buy another to match up, I don't have the ability to fix it :blush: & it's highly unlikely that I...
  28. TTSS

    NOS Brooks Double Rear Panniers - New & Unused

    I'm selling these NOS Brooks rear panniers as I have no use for them. They are still in the bag that they came from SJS cycles about 15 years ago. 18 litres each bag. Made from Scotchlite cotton. Throw over type so very lightweight with a carrying handle. Would make a great addition to any...
  29. confusedcyclist

    Securing D-lock to panniers

    I'm looking for some creative ways to mount or secure a D-lock to pannier rack, without getting in the way of my two Ortlieb Roller bags. I don't wan't to have to put the lock in the bags when moving because 1) they get dirty from chain oil, and 2) they squash or bruise perishables, unless you...
  30. Riding in Circles

    Ortlieb recumbent panniers brand new

    I have a pair of Ortlieb Recumbent panniers for sale, brand new, never been on a bike. I have setup a website to sell all my goodies on and you can see these here Just the one set, once they are gone they are gone £170 including...
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