Ortlieb panniers or ...?

Discussion in 'Touring and Adventure Cycling' started by Tim330, 18 Dec 2017.

  1. Tim330

    Tim330 Active Member

    After my last week tour along the Danube with my budget panniers in the rain, I promised myself a set of the rubbery yellow things all the Germans who passed me seemed to be using. With the hope of keeping my kit dry I’m now in a position to spend some money.

    I’m planning next years trips and thinking I want the space for a two week minimum tour, using guest houses, B&B etc so if I go longer I’ll have access to washing facilities and don’t need to pack a tent etc.

    I’m looking at the Ortleib back rollers but what size would do? Don’t want to get too small. Would the 40l be sufficient for a European tour, not off the beaten track?

    Anything else worth considering? The Overboard looked OK but only in a smaller size.
  2. Heltor Chasca

    Heltor Chasca Out-Riding the Black Dog

    Perfect for your needs. The smaller, front panniers are ok for a long weekend.

    I find my pack list for a long weekend or a 2 week tour aren’t a lot different, but I camp.

    EDIT: My rear Ortlieb Classics are probably about 15 years old. In great shape. Investment.
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  3. slowmotion

    slowmotion Quite dreadful

    lost somewhere
    I can't sing the praises of Back Roller Classics too highly. They are tough as old boots and really are waterproof. Well worth every penny.
  4. Spiderweb

    Spiderweb Not So Special One

    North Yorkshire
    ‘Buy cheap buy twice’ invest in Ortlieb bags.
  5. Thorn Sherpa

    Thorn Sherpa Senior Member

    I can vouch for ortlieb top notch quality
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  6. MichaelW2

    MichaelW2 Veteran

    The white Ortliebs look better if you want to stay classy. Also easier to find things inside.
  7. Crankarm

    Crankarm Guru

    Nr Cambridge
    I have a new and unused brand new pair of Vaude Aqua Plus rear panniers, the ones with the extra side pocket which is really useful, which are surplus to requirements as they were a gift earlier in the year and I already have a pair. They are better than Ortliebs as they have a hard back meaning they do not flex and are more rugged, plus the closing straps and fastening hooks are easier to get on with than Ortliebs which I have as well. They are every bit as good in fact better than Ortlieb. They are totally waterproof and just like Ortlieb panniers RTW cyclists take them around the world with no problems. Make me an offer.
    Info at https://www.rosebikes.co.uk/article/vaude-aqua-back-plus-rear-panniers/aid:510206
  8. OP

    Tim330 Active Member

    Message on its way, thanks,
  9. gaijintendo

    gaijintendo Über Member

    I am also an Ortlieb user, but I was going to say with respect to the "or...?" people seem to like Vaude and Carradice.
  10. Blue Hills

    Blue Hills ^

    If you do go for Ortleibs Tim (they are good) make sure that you don't end up with oold stock QL2 hooks - the things with the piggin' inserts that keep dropping out. After years of adverse comments (countered by some who insisted on worshipping everything Orrtlieb did) the German maestros finally hit on the obvious answer - make the inserts slide in from the side, rather than slide in/out from the bottom, exactly in line with the forces of removing the panniers from the rack.

    And so, lo, the QL2.1 was born.

    I bought a new set of hook/handle assemblies for my bikepacker Pluses, which are otherwise excellent. Have had them 15 years and despite some tough use they still look pretty much new.
  11. Dave 123

    Dave 123 Guru

    We did 2 weeks in France with one 40l Ortlieb each and a bar bag for other stuff on the tandem.
  12. Blue Hills

    Blue Hills ^

    surely one is 20 litres?

    Must admit I wish the standard ortliebs were bigger, I could do with at least 50 litres for a pair on the back.
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  13. MossCommuter

    MossCommuter Guru

    My Ortlieb Back Roller Classic are hard backed.

    Advice: put plumbers' tape or similar on the back, wherever the bag comes into contact with the rack, so as to avoid wear.
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  14. Bodhbh

    Bodhbh Guru

    There are a 70l pair available now, Backroller Pros. I've got a pair, mainly for transporting stuff as I don't drive, rather than touring. I recommended them if you need that much space...tbh I'm starting to prefer them even if I don't need that much. They have compression straps so you can trim the size according to your needs and generous web pockets for anything you need handy. They also seem to hold the weight further down and keep the centre of gravity low.

    Regarding Orliebs in generally, yeap their great. However, in contrast to others, I've had a couple of pairs start to split and they need repairing (puncture patch seems to work). They're all getting on for 10yrs old and get used daily on the commute/shopping/etc as well as touring (not so much now) so not bad innings. As other have said also, you can get the hooks etc seperately so are repairable if things break.
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  15. OP

    Tim330 Active Member

    I thought 40litres and the small bar bag would be enough. Any more and I pack too much because I have the space.
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