1. Ridgeback Roller

    SOLD Ortlieb Front Roller Classic (pair) and SOLD Carradice Super C Handlebar bag

    Ortlieb QL2.1 Front Roller classic panniers 12.5 litre capacity (each) in orange and black. Having a bit of a rationalisation of my various luggage options, so can't see me using these again. They are very good condition, only used on 2 tours. Complete with shoulder straps. £45 posted to a...
  2. Chap sur le velo

    Ortlieb 0.8L top tube bag for sale.

    https://www.sigmasports.com/item/ORTLIEB/Cockpit-Pack-08L/SDO3 Paid £50 in Condor for this last month and used twice. Just can't get used to having it there so rather than keeping it hanging around, want to move it on. As new £30 inc postage.
  3. Baldy

    Ortlieb handlebar mount for the pro 6 bag.

    Is this the worst designed system for attaching a bar bag ever. Thread the wire around the bars, pull tight, tighten screws, cut the end off the wire and push the end back into the mount. Only you can't because all the wire strands have splayed out. I'm not convinced it will support any weight.
  4. AlanW

    Ortlieb Pannier straps for Back Roller Panniers

    Has anyone got a couple of these pannier straps laying about that they don't want? I did have a pair, but for the life of me they are eluding me right now?
  5. G

    Ortlieb bar bag

    Ortlieb Ultimate Classic bar bag 5 litre black. Bought about 18 months ago and never used so unmarked. SJS cycles has them at £69.99, I will accept £50 including p&p to mainland UK. Sorry have been unable to upload a photo due to lack of computer skills.
  6. robgul

    SOLD Ortlieb bar-bag LOCKABLE mounting bracket (also R&K)

    SOLD in 4 minutes! Brand new in the sealed bag - this came with a bag I bought but I already had the mounts on 2 bikes so didn't need it. It also works with an R&K Klickfix bag (or it does for mine!) This is it https://www.sjscycles.co.uk/luggage/ortlieb-mounting-set-for-ultimate-6/ £10 +...
  7. Son Of Anarchy

    2 x Ortlieb Back Roller 40L

    Used a handful of times but in good condition with no rips, tears or serious signs of use. £60 including tracked postage with UK.
  8. L

    Any Ortlieb Handlebar users? Is this normal or not?

    In one image you will see a perfectly sealed bag and in image 2 you will see that a bit has sort of becoming undone. Once you see it you will know what I mean. The sides seem to be sealed well but the middle is not. At the moment it's not bad, not like I can poke a finger through it, but my...
  9. L

    Ortlieb handlebar bag, small concern.

    Hi I recently bought the ortlieb handlebar bag. I have small concern that the cables are touching the bag which can cause chafing.( I saw someone have the same issue) I was thinking covering the cables in some sort of fabric to prevent this. any suggestions on what type or any other...
  10. Andy in Germany

    Ortlieb or Vaude

    As job prospects are becoming increasingly positive, I'm starting to look at getting ready for some real cycle commuting, and apart from anything else, this means a replacement for my ageing pannier with an all weather bag. At the moment I'm looking at panniers, because then they can double up...
  11. middleagecyclist

    *SOLD* Pair Ortlieb Back Roller Classic panniers

    No longer required. Pair of Ortlieb's classic panniers. 40L, mounts in full working order, cosmetic marks to exterior but never ripped or punctured. Interior very tidy. £50.00 inc p&p. Please PM if interested.
  12. neil earley

    Two Ortlieb City panniers SOLD SOLD

    As above just clips on to rear rack by quick release £75
  13. L

    Anyone have ortlieb pannier bags?

    I have done my research and decided to go with ortlieb bags? Does anyone have them? How are they? Durability? etc. At the moment I leaning towards these...
  14. Elybazza61

    Ortlieb ultimate 6 free bar bag and map cover

    For sale as per title, fitted to a bike but not actually used. Has all keys,fittings and instructions(some not shown in photos). £40 posted for the bag.
  15. chriscross1966

    Alternatives to Ortlieb pockets?

    Hi folks, I'm looking to do a bit of camping and festivalling on my Brompton and having had a shuffle through what I already own and what I want to do/carry I'm looking at getting a set of the large Ortlieb pockets. For fully loaded riding they would be fitted to my Bromptons standard rear bag...
  16. P

    Ortlieb recumbent bags

    Got a pair of these at half price as NOS and thought them worth a try. Their advantage as well as being waterproof is that they can be mounted and dismounted individually as they use Ortlieb's QL2 hooks. The adjustable bottom hook was useless (wrong position for my rack and not stiff enough nor...
  17. O

    Ortlieb Recumbent Bags - save youself £150!

    Unused. £100 ono + £7.50 postage. Located in Minety, North Wilts. Thank you, John
  18. jefmcg

    Yellow Ortlieb pannier found on London Road, Twickenham

    Empty except for a printout of a recipe for mushroom paella and a waitrose receipt, I decided to leave it where I found it as it's the best chance the owner has of recovering it if they retrace their steps, but removed it from the road. Just posting here in case the owner is a member. P...
  19. U

    Ortlieb Commuter Bag Large Ql2

  20. jay clock

    Quick answer needed - how to use the strap on Ortlieb back roller

    I am off touring at 0930 today (!) and will use one pannier as carryon bag. Does the strap just attach with the pannier open (and maybe the closing strap across, or is there some other cunning plan? Just seems a nice to have lugging it round the airport. Will probably leave it unless someone...
  21. Polite

    ***Sold***Ortlieb Bag. Offers considered.

    This commuter bag (large) has a laptop pocket and plenty of space for work items. It is only a few months old and hasn't been used that often so is in fantastic condition, it's pretty much as new. Here is the link from the website...
  22. confusedcyclist

    Full size Ortlieb Roller Plus on front pannier racks?

    Has anyone tried this? Is it unsafe, especially without running rear racks?
  23. Tim330

    Ortlieb panniers or ...?

    After my last week tour along the Danube with my budget panniers in the rain, I promised myself a set of the rubbery yellow things all the Germans who passed me seemed to be using. With the hope of keeping my kit dry I’m now in a position to spend some money. I’m planning next years trips and...
  24. Nigel182

    For Sale Ortlieb Saddlebag

    Still Clearing out For Sale Ortlieb Saddlebag in Good Condition....not sure what size model it is so put Tape Measure into Picture to let you decide if size is ok £15 including Postage Payment via PayPal Friends & Family.
  25. D

    Ortlieb Recumbent bags

    For anyone interested, Evans have a black ex-display set in their sale starting tomorrow. £99 (RRP £259).
  26. graham bowers

    Ortlieb pannier query

    Just got a set of Classic Backrollers and am doing a trial pack which includes sleeping bag, clothes etc for multi day trips in the UK. I will be planning for wet weather. Is it the norm to dispense with waterproof rucksack liners to pack ones gear in with Ortliebs please? I'm moving on from a...
  27. Wolf616

    Ortlieb Back City Panniers

    Hi, Recently the left side of the upper rail came unscrewed and I can't rescrew it as both the screw and the plastic thing you screw it into on the inside of the pannier have disappeared. I can find spare hooks online, but not the bits I'm talking about. Any help please? Cheers
  28. redfalo

    **** SOLD **** Ortlieb O-Bag for Brompton, like-new condition

    For sale: black Ortlieb O bag for Brompton front carrier block. This is my father's bag who rarely used it. It's in very good condition and little used. (Only the shoulder strap is missing.) 90 pounds central London pick up, 95 pounds posted. (Current version costs 200 pounds...
  29. ricksavery

    Ortlieb back roller damage

    Hi I have a pair of back roller classics and one of them has sustained damaged to the front edge. Although virtually everyone says things like 'they are bomb-proof' etc - which maybe they are ^_^ - but the design of the outer PVC face means that there is a sharp-ish edge on the inside of the...
  30. upandover

    Anyone want to split an Ortlieb Pannier pair?

    I'm looking at the classics, like these, as mine older (ALDI) ones are breaking, and my commuting needs have changed, but I only need one, and it's a lot of cash. Would anyone like just a Single rear pannier, and to split the cost (and additional postage) of the pair with me? Cheers Steve
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