Ortlieb handlebar bag, small concern.


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I recently bought the ortlieb handlebar bag.

I have small concern that the cables are touching the bag which can cause chafing.( I saw someone have the same issue)

I was thinking covering the cables in some sort of fabric to prevent this.

any suggestions on what type or any other suggestions welcome.



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If it’s the same Ortileb Mount I have there should be no wire sticking out to catch the bag. The bit you cut off at the end tucks, out of the way, into a hole in the mount


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Are the cables that are catching the bike’s gear/brake cable outers or the small length of inner that’s part of the bag handlebar mount which as OlpShep suggests, should tuck out the way.

If it’s the gear/brake outers then the soft side of Velcro tape can be used to protect things a bit from rubs.


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Assume you mean the brake/gear cables, they have touched the bar bag when it's on my tourer for years, never been a problem.

Yes, the brake and gear cable that sticks out. I have nowhere to put them. I don't want to bend them.
My friend has this bag had chafing, he said on tarmac it was okay but then he started going off-road bouncing the cables rubbed on the bag creating chafing. Also, I am talking about this bag:


This bag does not have a mount as you can see 2 velcro starps 2 orange straps and 1 at the bottoms.
They have included these foam cubes to if you need to bring the bag away from shifters, but it doesnt help with the cables.
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