Yellow Ortlieb pannier found on London Road, Twickenham

Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by jefmcg, 6 Jun 2018.

  1. Empty except for a printout of a recipe for mushroom paella and a waitrose receipt, I decided to leave it where I found it as it's the best chance the owner has of recovering it if they retrace their steps, but removed it from the road.

    Just posting here in case the owner is a member.


    P. S. Have I written the world's second 6 word novel? "ortlieb pannier, Twickenham Waitrose, mushroom paella"
  2. nickr

    nickr Senior Member

    I love the novel. It says everything. Below is the longer version:-

    She was a cyclist who enjoyed the good things in life, living in leafy Twickenham, shopping in Waitrose, home cooking. The only thing she economised on was her pannier rack, which was cheap and really not compatible with her high quality Ortlieb panniers. This was to cost her dearly one day when one of the panniers fell off, the potentially award winning Paella recipe was lost......
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