1. Glow worm

    Altura panniers free to a good home

    Hi all, Due to a birthday and an extremely generous wife, I have some new panniers so the old ones are surplus. I don't think they are worth anything but they are clean, in good nick and I'd like to see them used again. I can't remember the exact storage capacity (possibly 34 liters) but the...
  2. mythste

    Front panniers for a silly fork

    Right! I'm off on a wee jaunt soon, there will be hills, and at the moment I've only got 2 rear ortlieb classic rollers, which are brilliant. I'd like to spread the weight a little over the front of the bike and will be looking to get some ortlieb front panniers as well but I'm a little lost...
  3. robjh

    Ortlieb panniers - are the clips a weak point?

    I got a pair of rear Ortlieb roller classics recently for a trip to Scotland. The material and general design seemed suitably tough and waterproof, but I was unimpressed with the clips that fix them to the rack which seemed to flex a lot and occasionally creak where they contact the metal rack...
  4. Phill Woods

    SOLD - Lotus panniers for sale

    Hi guys I am selling some brand new panniers. I have never used them. I won them in a competition and only took them out of the bag to take some pictures of them. I will never use them but they are decent and not for sitting in my garage! They are made my Lotus and retail at £49.99. £30 and...
  5. Elybazza61

    Aldi panniers

    Looking at getting some reasonably priced panniers as I'm re-building the old Trek as a 'shopper' bike. See Aldi do some online and wondered if anyone has these or have had them;good,rubbish any alternative? ta in advance.
  6. cycle_bug

    Pannier Rack Installed!

    Just got my cheap eBay job pannier rack fitted! Actually pleased enough with the quality. It's as solid as any other I've seen, and I feel adequate for service! Fitting was actually quite clear, with instructions in actual English! I had a bit of difficulty fitting them with the Halfords...
  7. Pale Rider

    Time for a waterproof pannier

    Another wet ride today and another dose of soggy pannier contents. My basic Edinburgh Bicycles panniers have done well in other respects, but they do let in water. So what to buy? I don't expect a diver's watch level of waterproofness, but I would like something that resists moderate rain. I...
  8. B


    I bought some (very) cheap panniers for a 3 day ride. I usually do road cycling and not touring, hence not buying an expensive set. Is it because they're cheap, or am I missing something, because the hooks very easily just pop over the rail and without any tension - if the hook alone was...
  9. F

    Panniers / Racks - Which ones do you use and Why...

    As it says...this is for commuting - which panniers/racks do you use and why, on a daily basis. Might just have to get some soon (god forbid) and mess up the look of my Fixed..... PS The Panniers must be red or black (red preferably) :wink::) and the rack must be black !
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