Recommend be some panniers

Looking for double panniers at about 23 liters capacity combined. Mainly looking at ones that dont have any velcro, my current ones suffer from them coming loose. Another essential feature is a tapered shape to prevent heel contact. My current panniers have this, dont want to risk getting panniers that snag my feet all the time. Been looking around some sites already, its kind of mind boggling for choice and am looking for recommendations.


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A set of outer edge panniers from tredz? Fully waterproof roll top for £30 a bag?



Locking, quick release panniers have been available for decades. Both Rixen & Kaul and Ortleib mounting systems are well proven. I use small Ortleibs and large Carradice.

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Ortlieb ftw

they're dear but better and the clasps are replaceable


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I've been using Altura for about 6 years, they've been good despite being abused a bit. (Very heavy shopping, frequent pointy items, always being left in a cold damp garage after downpours). I'd get them again, great fixing system and very lightweight, a good elastic and bayonet closure (no velcro), and they pack completely flat when not needed. I like the reputation of Ortlieb and they're top quality, but they do have a certain look about them. Altura in grey / black look quite smart.
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