Panniers / Racks - Which ones do you use and Why...


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As it says...this is for commuting - which panniers/racks do you use and why, on a daily basis.

Might just have to get some soon (god forbid) and mess up the look of my Fixed.....

PS The Panniers must be red or black (red preferably) ;):smile: and the rack must be black !


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Helly79 has a nice rack ;)

She got it from Halfords along with a pannier. I personally think that it ruins the look of the bike but she needs it for work to carry folders, lunch and a picture of me.


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I just bought these from argos a few weeks back|Saddles+and+luggage+carriers|14419173.htm|Saddles+and+luggage+carriers|14419173.htm

The rack is very good for the price, the panniers not so, but they'll do me for doing weekend touring for a few years down the line:biggrin:

Most of the time I just use this as it can be attached and unattached in seconds


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I use a toppeak bag and rack for commuting, I cant compare it with anything else as its the only one Ive had but I find the sliding mount on it very handy. You just push the clip down and slide the bag off and to put it on, you just slide the bag back on till it clicks. Ive had it almost a year and use it almost daily and so far no problems with wear. I did have to get a waterproof cover for it though.


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I have the rack that comes with the Orca - why? because it is included in the price.

I usually use a Carradice Carradura Rack Pack for day to day commuting cos I don't need to carry a lot but it will transport a pair of shoes when required.

I also have a Carradice Office Bureau pannier (LHS and only the one) for larger loads.



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Blue (of course) Altura 16L Pannier (x1 on the right side only)
Rack is a black Topeak.


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p.s. this is my "pannier". Fine piece of carbon fibre, aerodynamic, awesome FTW!!

Hmmm may be a good idea to put a rack back on one of my bikes.

BentMikey said:
p.s. this is my "pannier". Fine piece of carbon fibre, aerodynamic, awesome FTW!!


I reckon that would be fine if you roll backwards.;)
I use Ortlieb Panniers as I was advised them and had their office bag (and still do) and was impressed. However I'm don't particularly find the large cavernous area useful so I opted for the sports packers which have a mesh pocket on front and I'm glad I did.

With racks its been I'd been advised to go for one that has three upright tubes (I'm not sure what the correct term is) as they provide good strength. This is the one I've got on the utility bike. The other one I have is almost identical but a bit lighter. They've been chosen on a price/ to weight/ to strength ratio.
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