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  1. bikingdad90

    Pannier rack and bags

    I’m after some cheap racks and bags to fit to a utility bike. 700c rim brake. I can trade for two Btwin 700x32 wired gravel tyres x2 or pay postage. The cheaper the better as the bike is not worth much.
  2. F

    Weight Carrying Limit of a 1990's Rear Pannier Rack

    I'm hoping to purchase a dog carrying bicycle basket. However, I don't know the maximum carrying limit of the rear pannier rack which was attached when I purchased my Raleigh Pioneer Classic in 1991. My dog weighs 9kg, she's a wee Westie. Does anyone know the max carrying weight? Thanks
  3. B

    wanted; Bike E underseat pannier rack

    Apologies for cross posting I am looking for a Bike E underseat rack for panniers; this is not for an electric [E] bike but for the Bike E semi recumbent made by the firm in Corvallis Oregon in the 90s. I am interested in the rack that would enable me to fit panniers to the frame under the...
  4. B

    Wanted Bike E underseat pannier rack

    I am looking for a Bike E underseat rack for panniers; this is not for an electric [E] bike but for the Bike E semi recumbent made by the firm in Corvallis Oregon in the 90s. I am interested in the rack that would enable me to fit panniers to the frame under the seat. many thanks
  5. sagefly

    Rear Pannier rack for a compact frameset

    I'm looking for recommendations for a rear rack for a Giant Defy 2 2011 model. All of the racks I've looked at have issues attaching the rack to the seat stays as the brake caliper is in the way and the bracket wont attach. Can anyone recommend a solution? Many thanks
  6. middleagecyclist

    *SOLD* Tubus Tara Front Pannier Rack

    Great solid front rack from Tubus. A few cosmetic marks but no dings or bends. £60 retail but yours for just £30 inc p&p.
  7. mythste

    Front pannier rack

    Ideally Tubus or Blackburn outpost (longshot I know). Something that can take 15+ KG and will hang lowish. Thanks in advance!
  8. Distorted Vision

    Pannier Rack Bolts: Threadlock vs Copaslip

    The heads of the hex bolts fixing my pannier rack to the bike frame have light rust on them. They were fitted at my LBS so I've ordered some A2 black stainless steel ones. I was wondering if I should use Threadlocker or prevent them coming loose or Copaslip to prevent them seizing?
  9. Distorted Vision

    Rear Facing Action Camera mounted to Pannier Rack

    I'm thinking about purchasing an action camera which I will have rear facing for safety. I'm considering this: I'm wondering if I can use the handlebar mount on my pannier rack. The diameter of the tubing looks too small for the mount but I could wrap it in electrical insulation tape...
  10. cyberknight

    Pannier rack extension bits

    My boardman road comp has odd shaped seat stays that mean the bolt to attach mudguards/ rack cannot be used unless i have a rack that slopes back . i do have a halfords basic rack which is a bit bent in the rtc but looks a bit cack . I have read about rack converters and thought i might be...
  11. crazyjoe101

    Tubus Cargo Rear Pannier Rack (Silver) - New/Unused £65 posted

    As seen here. Fitted to bike and tested round the block for 5 mins so essentially unused, didn't like it as much as my old one so no longer needed. All the screws and the booklet will be included. PayPal/bank transfer/cash, will knock off a fiver and drop it round if local.
  12. S

    FS: Surly Front Pannier Rack for Touring

    Hello, I have for sale a new Surly front bicycle pannier rack. Changed my mind about using a front rack for commuting so selling on this never been used as its gathering dust. It comes with everything except the packet of 4 x 16mm m5 bolt which I must of misplaced somewhere in the garage. Looks...
  13. S

    Pannier Rack Rear Lights

    Winterizing bike Often use the bike for utility rides to the shops etc (6km to 10km round trip generally ) . Coat obscures saddle post rear lights . Pannier rack rear lights don't seem readily available .So tried a quick bodge -wrapped steradent tube in gaffer tape and bolted to pannier...
  14. hoppym27

    Mudguards and pannier rack

    Can anyone recommend any mudguards that would fit an MTB with a pannier rack?
  15. brucegill

    Panier rack advice - 700c Road bike with discs

    Hi there I have a kinesis 4S Disc at the moment, possibly changing back to a Genesis CDF. Having never fitted one before, do I need a disc specific pannier rack? The reason I ask is that both bikes have the brake setup on the inside of the of the rear triangle, so I can't see anything that...
  16. Dec66

    Bag for top of pannier rack

    Recently I got a set of these, and very nice they are too: Note the way that the fabric in between, atop the rack, has recesses; these act as a handle when you take the bags off, very handy. However, that design feature has given me a...
  17. Chess

    Recommend me a Pannier Rack please.

    Hi all. As the title suggests. I've just purchased an e bike and I'm going to be using it for my commute to work, so I need to fit a rack and panniers for my stuff. I need your help and advice as I can't seem to find one wide enough. The measurement between the chain stay/seat stay mounting...
  18. Bimble

    Do you prefer panniers, backpack, messenger bag or something else for your commute?

    I see a wide range of commuters on my rides to and from work and I've noticed there's quite a broad range of bikes, clothing, and carriers people use for lugging their kit. I started out with a backpack I got from Edinburgh Cycle Coop, and after reading about racks and panniers on CC I invested...
  19. D

    Pannier rack for road bike without eyelets

    Any advice I would like to be able to ride a road bike in but want to fit a pannier rack so I can carry my work laptop in without it going on my back. Would like any advice or best way to get pannier rack without damaging or drilling holes into the bike.
  20. ianrauk

    Pannier Rack for 700 wheel.

    Hi all. Mr ilb's as you may know is on his cycling adventure from the UK to India. On his trip through the Kazakh desert, the rack on his bike broke. (From the weight of all the water). It's a bodge fix but he needs a new one. Has anyone got a spare rack they don't use for a 700 wheel that you...
  21. cycle_bug

    Pannier Rack Installed!

    Just got my cheap eBay job pannier rack fitted! Actually pleased enough with the quality. It's as solid as any other I've seen, and I feel adequate for service! Fitting was actually quite clear, with instructions in actual English! I had a bit of difficulty fitting them with the Halfords...
  22. B

    Kickstarter carbon pannier rack

    Looks like a great idea for anybody commuting on a roadbike, expensive, but great design...
  23. ChrisV

    Pannier rack, something not right

    This rack was previously fitted to my road bike by the LBS, now put on the hybrid tonight. I've adjusted the silver straps to maximum, and they don't look like they've been trimmed, so why is it sitting at this angle? Are there different racks for road bikes and hybrids?
  24. fossyant

    Panniers / Racks - Which ones do you use and Why...

    As it says...this is for commuting - which panniers/racks do you use and why, on a daily basis. Might just have to get some soon (god forbid) and mess up the look of my Fixed..... PS The Panniers must be red or black (red preferably) :wink::) and the rack must be black !
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