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Gerry Attrick

Lincolnshire Mountain Rescue Consultant
I felt it necessary to report a coach driver for dangerous driving.

Mrs A and I were merrily bimbling along a dead straight country lane this afternoon with me a few yards ahead, birds a-tweeting, sun a-shining and all well with the world in general. From the rear I hear the sound of a large vehicle approaching fast. From the front I see a car approaching. From the rear I then heard a screech of brakes followed by Mrs A yelling something. Before my backside unclinched itself from the nose of the saddle, a coach overtook me and flashed his hazard warning lights a couple of times. Aware that something untoward had happened, I noted the registration number and coach company.

When Mrs A drew level, she was OK but shaken up. The idiot driver had tried to squeeze between her and the oncoming car but realising he couldn't get through, slammed on his brakes and in doing so very nearly ran her off the road. I am not sure whether the hazard flash was an "up yours" or a half-hearted, pathetic attempt at an apology.

I rang the company when we arrived home and the "assistant manager" or more like office girl was the only one in and said she would have a word with the driver. I also reported the incident to the police with the usual result of an explanation that they could take no action unless there was an accident. Great. Someone actually has to be injured or worse before plod can be bothered.


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Yeah but insist plod note it on the data base and demand they give a bollocking to the driver. Have a really good go at his boss too. We've had a result before now - no one injured but driver sent on one of those "voluntary" courses.........
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