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I have a BSA 20 shopping bike with a kickstand.
Very useful.

When I got my Apollo County, I removed the kickstand.

My Dawes Giro 500 didn't come with a kickstand and fitting one didn't cross my mind...

My Specialized SWorks never had a kickstand.

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No. One nudge of a loaded tourer and it's over. There's always a wall or post or summat, as Lee says.

I remember someone recommending a strap/bungee(?) to keep the front wheel straight when parking, to stop the rotational effect when leaning the bike against a post.
Have often admired the europeans and their bike stands - but I have never considered getting one -very effective when stopping on the road - but often not quite so good when camping when you really need it - you need to find a bit of hardstanding or the ground has to be pretty hard.

It is pretty rare that there is not something to lean the bike against - I like a tree - lash one end of the handlebar to a tree using a long luggage strap and apply the brakes using reusable zip ties

For stopping on long empty roads I find bus stops to be the answer - somewhere to lean the bike - and I only use ones that have somewhere to sit down - shelter if it raining

On the rare occasions that I have camped in a big empty open area devoid of suitable bike leaning furniture the ground has not been suitable for a stand - a bit of a palaver loading the bike but I manage


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My Trek has one, my Specialzed doesn't, but am considering, not least that there isn't anywhere to easily lean the bike when I am unlocking my front door! Also when both were in the lounge, again there was really only space to lean once, the other was on its stand. It is sometimes just easier to kick the stand down that precariously lean it against somewhere!
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