Forgive me Lord, for I have binned


Went for a ride at the weekend - tyres at full pressure.
Got home - still tyres OK
Left overnight and front tyre flat!

Now I always repair if I can, so this morning, removed the inner, checked the outer and pumped up. Could not find the leak, so into a bowl of water.
This revealed the leakage - it was in the middle of an existing patch that I had stuck on last year.
Removed the patch and sanded down the area, but the old glue refused to come off completely. I did stick a new patch over it and it seemed to hold, but by this time I had lost all my faith in the repair and imagined that out on the road, it would probably fail again.

So into the bin it went.

Felt a bit guilty as otherwise it was a good newish tube, but with winter ahead of us, didn't want to risk it.


I did exactly the same thing at the weekend. Newish tube that had gone down overnight, bubbles coming out of the middle of the only patch on the tube, didn't feel confident in the new patch I slapped on, so tube binned.
The existing patch was one of those pre-glued "scab" thingies, so wonder if that might be the reason for the fail? Never had that happen with the old fashioned patches you need to use glue with.
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