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rubbish uphill, downhill 'balast' make me fast
I decided to clean my bike for the first time this year(I know☹) with a jet wash and some paint came away from the top of the fork.

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I had some spare matte black touch up paint so covered it over for now.

But have a feeling I should now replace it.

It’s a straight 1 1/8 fork. Should I replace it direct from canyon or will any carbon fork do?

Is there anything specific I should be looking out for? Like does rake make much difference?


Flouncing Nobber
Is that an alloy fork? No structural or safety reason why you'd need to change it.


rubbish uphill, downhill 'balast' make me fast
It’s alloy top, carbon blades I think.

Can’t see any damage at all.

Figured something must have happened to make the paint break?

Maybe I’ll just leave it for now.

Hugh Manatee

The jet wash happened!
I was at a MTB race in Devon many years ago. Not unexpectedly, the bikes and riders got plastered with Devon mud apart from Damian who won the Expert race. He sort of skipped over the goo and barely got any on him at all. I digress. The organisers had laid on a big jet wash powered by a large 'roadworks' style compressor. I was getting towards the front of the line to use it and was watching the bloke use it on his top of the range Canondale, amusingly referred to as Crack n Fails at the time. The bloke was chatting to his mate and not really watching what he was doing.
This was a shame as suddenly, all the transfers were washed off his frame. Before anyone could yell a warning, large patches of paint followed.

I left the queue and haven't used anything more powerful than a bucket and brush ever since.

If there was no signs of damage, chances are yours started as a small area of surface oxidisation near the brake screw.
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