Fork Length vs Frame Size?


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Whilst I'm off the bike for a few weeks, I thought I'd take the opportunity to sort out my 'nice' Summer bike. Originally I planned to to mainstream and buy a Trek or Specialized etc, but am rather tempted to build up my own bike. I've spotted a few frames I like the look of, some come with forks, some not.
Now, I understand the steerer tube sizing, but not sure about the rest. Does fork length change with frame size? What about rake angle, how much of a difference does it make?
Will be a road bike, and likely not all parts will be new.


Fork length from crown race to axle will not change with frame size - only the steerer length changes. Having said that, the typical length on a road fork is different to a CX fork.


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Length of headtube defines the required length of the steerer part of the fork (the bit that the goes up through the frame and the stem clamps on to). All frames have different headtube lengths, depending on size and the style of the frame. They are generally either 1 1/8 diameter all the way down the steerer or tapered, with 1 1/8 at the stop (stem end) and often 1 1/2 at the bottom section. Most new forks will have a long enough steerer that can be cut to size after fitted to the frame. Angle and rake will effect steering and how twitchy the bike feels. The bottom section of the forks will not be any different, in terms of dimensions for frames of differing sizes.


Most forks come in std one-size-fits-all length and rake. Some have longer legs for better tyre clearance but no manufacturer seems to offer rake options.

Changing rake angle can alter the steering characteristics in a minor way, but most modern frames are built for most modern forks.
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