Fork nose how he did it?

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Mr Phoebus

New Member
A friend of mine sent me these snaps....



Oh dear - poor thing. (Looks like he might have to go under the knife at some stage...

(Pity this wasn't posted by 'thereisnospoon'../;)
I tried 'drinking' a strawberry milkshake once (I was 28 ;)) by stuffing two straws up my nose and sniffing!
It didn't work, just gave me a monster, double-barrelled, nosebleed! :biggrin::sad:

Mr Phoebus

New Member
*Monty Python*

Head Waiter Excuse me monsieur and madame. (examines the fork) It's filthy, Gaston ... find out who washed this up, and give them their cards immediately.
Man Oh, no, no.
Head Waiter Better still, we can't afford to take any chances, sack the entire washing-up staff.
Wow, that's horrible.

Reminds me of when my younger sister took the wheels off my toy bus and decided to see what would happen if she shoved the metal axle up her nostril! Luckily it exited just to the side of her eye - she was only two yrs old at the time, mad panic dash to the hospital. Oh for those happy 1960s days of toy vehicles with removable metal parts:wacko:
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