Forks to Frame Frankenstein, Death trap or decent?


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Trying to do my first build. I have a Specialized Tarmac SL2 and a Ribble Sportive Racing Forks. Measurements match perfectly but the headset compression clip for the top bearing doesn’t clip into place at all and more just floats (not doing much compression), the bottom bearing also doesn’t stay put and just sits there unless I pull forks out but they are IS bearings so not sure if they’re meant to pinch into the frame like press fits or whether they all tighten up when put together etc.

ADVICE needed as to whether it’s a headset problem and I should try another or whether the fork to frame match is actually a death trap?




I would put a stem on and clamp it up then check clearances and for any play. If it clamps up properly, doesn't bind and there's no play you're probably good to go.
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