Forum WALK - Todmorden to Stoodley Pike (plus optional second hill) - Sat, 22nd May, 2021


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Well I was telling everybody about the Pennine Way record on our walk but wasn't aware the American who'd broken the record, only for it to have it taken back a few days later by a British runner was undertaking another attempt (which of course would have involved running along the ridge we walked over on Saturday) and re-took the record! This time, he's gone UNDER 60 hours!!!


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That's a fantastic achievement, I have done a lot running on the fells mostly Orienteering races but some fell races as well, its not easy at the short distances I ran, how you run the whole of the Pennine Way is beyond my comprehension.

This led me to look up Joss Naylor's original record, and what a bloke he is.

The pictures of Stoodley Pike brought back some memories, I have run in that area on many occasions.
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