Found this old Peugeot in my barn


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Welcome @shhh967 I would say mid 80's

And looks like an easy one to re commission .


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It all looks complete, very nice bike, as @biggs682 says probably 1980’s

I’m right in the middle of restoring a similar bike, they are very straightforward to work on, I’d suggest taking it back to a bare frame, it gives you a chance to change all the bearings.
That would make a good single speed conversion with its horizontal drop outs, Allen key fitted chain rings and a cassette that needs replacing.


Thanks for all your kind replies, the frame measures 60cm. My plan when I first found it was to sell it, but I am falling more and more in love with it. It doesn't seem to have been used much, wheels are straight, no wear and tear on chain. My plan was to keep her original, but what are the preferences making it single speed?


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The main thing in converting it to a single speed is getting the chain line straight so involves moving spacers around on the axle. The wheel will need redishing as well. You might be able to reuse thechainset removing a ring and new bokts.,
There's a good video on YouTube by RJ The Bike Guy.


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A proper sized frame!

I reckon mid, perhaps early 80's. You may be able to narrow it down with date codes from the brake calipers or cranks, perhaps.

A bike of reasonable quality, and probably not cheap in its day. Well worth reviving and riding.

My thoughts are don't butcher it into an SS - there are plenty of cheap bikes or no value or significance that you could do that with, so why ruin a decent one with 40 odd years history under its tyres?
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