Fractured tubercle of distal lateral malleolus (lower fibula)


I had an accident about 3 weeks ago where I rolled on my ankle, heard a crack and was left on the floor in pain. Took a trip to A&E where the doctor took all of 2 minutes (maybe less) to access my ankle as a sprain but should get an x-ray to be on the safe side. X-ray came back and he took even less time to look at it, discharge me and advised take some paracetamol/ibuprofen.

A week later and I get a letter from the hospital, saying someone who knows what they are doing reviewed my x-ray and I have a fractured tubercle of distal lateral malleolus. It said avoid contact sports and it will heal in 6-8 weeks. I still have quite a bit of pain and cannot bare much weight when leaning right.

Has anyone had this kind of injury and how long should I stay off cycling. I am concerned having tried to MTFU and keep going due to thinking it was a sprain that I have done more damage.


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I would not cycle for 6-8 weeks. You may need some physio so talk to your doctor, some sort of support might be needed too. You don't want bone breaks to heal badly, especially if you are young (end up with arthritis down the line and then it's very hard to resolve)

Professor Google can give you some more info to help you with questions for the doctor
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