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Frame sizing

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Tom87, 11 Mar 2008.

  1. Tom87

    Tom87 New Member

    I've been cycling for a couple of years now, just leisurely with a couple of big rides a year (big for me, 60 miles). I've been doing this on a Dawes Giro 200, the flat bar bike but now I want to get a proper road bike, as from experience, I know it makes a difference.

    Anyway I'm on a budget and have found a nice bike on wiggle (and a few other webistes). Problem is it's going for a good price because it's last years stock and only in 50cm frame (measuring from top seat-thingy, not middle of top-tube).

    I have 28" leg and am 5' 6" and am wondering if it's worth a gamble (I can send it back but it'd be quite a bit of hassle and you're not allowed to ride it). It's only 2cm smaller than my current bike, so with racing geometry, would that be a bad thing?

    Sorry for the long winded message.
  2. Hello Tom, can you get to a local bike shop etc to try frames of an equivalent size, and possibly geometry? Only you will know the feel and it would be a waste for you to be 'making do'. A second hand eBay buy might do you for a start and possibly cost less. No substitute for sitting on and feeling, particularly as it's your first road bike.
    (Expert guidance will be along shortly...:biggrin: )

    Enjoy the forum, good luck with the bike.
  3. oxbob

    oxbob New Member

  4. Tom87

    Tom87 New Member

    Thanks for the help guys.

    I did the competitive fit calculator and came out at a 50cm frame, so that's perfect. And I got an email from the guy saying that I am allowed to test-ride the bike, so I probably will go ahead and order it.

    Re ebay; I've been looking on there for ages and although I agree buying second hand for most things is good, I think it's a bad idea for bikes. Not to mention a lot of people require pick up only and barely anyone is flogging a bike with a frame as small as I need.
  5. rich p

    rich p ridiculous old lush

    What make is it Tom? I'm 5'7" and fit 52cm Specialized but a 54cm Trek!
  6. Tom87

    Tom87 New Member

    It's a Focus.

    I've ridden bikes bigger, but not comfortably, or for long distances. For commuting (and riding) I ride a Dawes Giro 200 that is maybe slightly bigger than the focus or possibly the same size. I also ride my dads old Dawes racing bike for commuting, which I think is a 52, but that's slightly too big, but not too bad for what I use it for.

    It might be ever so slightly too small, but not as much as I thought now that I used that (quite exhaustive) calculator.