Front bearings loose

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Removed front wheel today and the drive side cap just fell out ,, underneath the cap the bearing was easily pulled out with finger
The bearing seems to run ok and is not grouchy
What reasons to you experienced mechanics think as to why these 2 are so loose
I "think" the cap should push fit click In and the bearing pressed in ?
Thete is the sleeve which almost looks too long preventing the bearing going far enough in to let the cap go further in and grip
I'm aware that the sleeve must be the correct length and it must be something else stopping the cap from clicking in secure


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Whilst bearings are press fit in many hubs, it shouldn't be loose, which suggests additional wear. I'd replace the bearing with a new one and refit. The end caps are usually held in with a rubber washer on through axels.

Download the service manual for the hub.


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Theres a blow up diagram available as to which everything corresponds
But no words to see why it's not all " tight"
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