Front brake Judders


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Hello !

So on my way to work this morning I had to break very had to miss an idiot in a car pulling out on me, how he missed some one my size in florescent yellow I will never know !
Anyways while breaking my front wheel started juddering like mad, managed to get the bike to a stop pre the side of the car but its un nerved me a little!!

Looking on the web it looks like I need to adjust the toe in on the front breaks to stop this, i'm happy to do this myself just wondered if any of you lovely people had any advise or tips on getting this right ?



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It might also be worth checking the front wheel bearing and headset adjustment.

I recently had a judder problem develop, and found that both were looser than I thought desirable, although I have not resolved which caused the judder. The wheel bearings seemed to cure most of it, later I found the loose headset. A useful reminder that it is worth checking the whole range of possible causes.


I think it was more likely to have one or more of the following.

1.Play in the headset.

2.Rim is dirty causing brake grab.

3.Wheel rim out of true.

4.Caliper brakes not aligned centrally.

Have a quick check on these first.
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