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Hi I'm having a problem with the chain rubbing on the front mech have tried adjusting both ways and it only seems to catch now again ,only a minor irritant but annoying any suggestions to cure it ,btw its a Claris mech
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I had a problem like this last week - first problem since I bought the bike a few months ago. There are plenty of YouTube videos which make adjusting it seem quite straightforward. I could stop the chain rubbing on one cog, but not on the other and vice versa and spent a long time trying to fix it. Eventually gave up and took the bike back to Decathlon to get their guy to sort it - we found a bit of grit in the hinge which was restricting the full range of side-to-side movement on the front mech. Once that was cleaned out properly, it was fairly easy to adjust it so there was no rubbing on the bottom or top cog.

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Don't forget nearly all shimano road shifters have a neutral position on the front shifter to allow you to fine tune the gears,simply up shift very slowly if you feel a very small click almost straight away you have a neutral, you may also see the visual indicator has only moved about quarter of a click.
It also works the other way too, first click will shift the FD part way to the left a second will drop it down, works on all three rings on a triple, well the later shifters do. Its called a trim function.
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