front mudguard for road bike not using quick release.


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Hey guys this may be a stupid question/query so sorry if so in advance am very new to all this! , Ive just bought this for commuting back and forth to work to boost my fitness levels and for some leisure rides to, I know its coming up to the great British summer but living in the UK the rain can come any given day! Are there any mudguards on the market for my front wheel which would fit on with out having to use the front quick realise , the reason being I have limited storage for my bike so remove the front wheel on a daily basis to store over night.

If there are no such mudguards is it much of a fuss to connect back up on a daily basic once the mudguard has been fitted properly? ( I will get someone at my local bikeshop to fix me up with it as my handy skills are poor!)

Sorry if a dopey question once again!
My sks race blade longs are quick release mounted so you can clip them off and take the wheel out. I'm not sure where to get them now though.


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As @Cunobelin has pointed out, and as shown on the pics on that Halford's page (and mentioned as a plus point on one of the reviews), your bike has eyelets to allow fitting of "ordinary" mudguards. Can you confirm this? (Occasionally specifications change, though I doubt they'd change so much as to remove these eyelets).
Here's hoping your storage isn't so limited that you'll need to cut bits off the end(s) of the front guard! Use stainless bolts if possible - I think the standard size is M5, 15mm.


SKS chromoplastic mudguards are the goto model for bikes with bolt-on eyelets. Fitting, protection and durability are far superior to clip-on ones. Top marks for buying a commuting roadbike WITH eyelets; no bodging needed.
The only issue with frequent wheel removal is the risk of damaging mudguards. You can hang a bike from it's front wheel for smaller footprint.


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I agree with MichaelW2, SKS chromoplastics are the guards of choice if you have eyelets. Choose the correct width version and spend your time fitting them (they can be fiddly).
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