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I had my first go on a unicycle today, I have managed to balance it and start moving forward whilst holding on to a wall.

Just wondering if anybody could give me any tips on riding one?


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Take out some good insurance first!


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Matthames said:
...holding on to a wall...
Make sure its a nice long wall. To give yourself enough time to get into a good rhythm/speed

and I found that sometimes it was easier to learn away from the wall. Giving more wobbling space.

upsidedown: give it another 2 weeks you will get it eventually and make sure one pedal is at 6 when you start


There's a few videos on the internet that show you how to ride one.

They're broken into individual stages and you only move onto the next stage when you've mastered the previous. I think it takes around 6 weeks to ride competently.


I've been trying for a while to get the hang of it. I think the secret is to forget walls apart from mounting it and just go for it, and go for it again and again and again. A few bruises have got to be worth the looks of admiration and pity from the neighbours.
Davidc said:
Take out some good insurance your teeth first!

Fixed for you.... :biggrin:


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Well, best advice i can give is that it is in the hips, once you get the hang of keeping it under you, the unicycle will try to lean sideways. As this is how you turn, twist into it and keep going. the rest will come later. Stage one is to find a corridor, so you can get a hand on each wall. Remember to lean forward as you start off otherwise the unicycle will shoot out from under you. For now, that's about all
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