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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by gary r, 2 Oct 2007.

  1. gary r

    gary r Guru

    anyone used to ride the unrestictred mopeds as a kid?? I used to love my fizzie,always trying to get it to got 1 or 2 mph faster.The Italian bikes were always fast,Malagutti's & Gilera's were the most sought after.Apparently old Fizzies are selling for loads of money .Most of them are probably dead,thrashed to death by 16yrolds!
  2. Fnaar

    Fnaar Smutmaster General

    The fizzie was fun...used to pillion on the back of my brother's....
  3. Gary D

    Gary D Well-Known Member

    Had a Honda SS50 5 speed when I was 16 as did a lot of my mates. No rev counter on it but you knew you were going too fast when the valves started bouncing ;)

    One mate though had a Puch Grand Prix - that was seriously fast!! (In comparison:blush:;))

    Happy days of misspent youth :smile::smile:
  4. Paulus

    Paulus Started young, and still going.

    I had a Honda SS50 in 1973. which I made go faster by cutting a piece off of the slide in the carb. With a fair wind and a slightly down gradient I could get 45 mph out of it. Fissies still went a bit faster though.;)
  5. Paulus

    Paulus Started young, and still going.


    A mate of mine had a Puch Maxi auto and he could beat my SS50. The shame.;)
  6. John Ponting

    John Ponting Über Member

    Never had a Fizzie. I first rode in the days when 250cc was OK for a learner and the RAC/ACU training scheme was still running. Thinking really hard, I suspect that I took my test before any engine restrictions were imposed. I certainly remember many of my riding mates owning Vincents, Venums, Bonnies, A10s etc.
  7. col

    col Veteran

    A garelli tiger cross,it was close between the ap50 suzuki and this who was the fastest,but great fun,the fs1e,nearly there too,but probably one of the most reliable i think.The malagutti monte,probably on a par with the garelli,blimey this is a blast from the past,great days though.
  8. OP
    gary r

    gary r Guru

    Sorry but the 4 stroke ss50 was a pile of poop! No chance against a 2 stroke 50,Top end speed was OK but the accelaration was dire.Those were the days!! I went from a 50cc moped to a Yamaha RD 250 on my 17th bithday with L plates.
  9. Paulus

    Paulus Started young, and still going.


    Can't disagree with you there. I went from the SS50 to a Honda 250 G5 shortly after my 17th b/day. I passed the test in April 1975 and have had bikes ever since. Now riding a CB500.
  10. MarkF

    MarkF Legendary Member

    I had a Fizzy, pre-disc one, metallic purple with Yamaha racing block stripes.;)

    I had 2 pals with SS50's and agree, they were poo and in flurorescent green the ugliest two-wheeler ever. Even at 16 I would not have been seen dead on one.

    On my 17th birthday I picked up a KH250 and was king of the road, what a day that was:smile: I think it took me 4 years to pay off and for most of that time it never ran on all three cyclinders:sad:

    I have seen Fizzy's go for £4k:wacko: I'd like a go on one just for old times sake but good grief I don't bleedin well want one again, what are these buyers thinking of?

    My good lady bought me a great book last Xmas, Funky Mopeds!: The 1970s Sports Moped Phenomenon by Richard Skelton, it's a great read for all 40+ year olds. Looking back I was incredibly fortunate to be 16 at that time, happy days, never to be repeated for todays youngsters.

    Never been off bikes, right now I have a PX125, VFR750FV and NX650 Dominator
  11. Aint Skeered

    Aint Skeered New Member

  12. starseven

    starseven Guest

    I swapped a fsie for a packet of fags, not even twenty, it was 10 no6 if I remember right.

    It did have a stuck throttle and no brakes , you just hasd to pull the clutch and run into something to stop!!;):ohmy:

    About the same time I had a few Honda Grandads, I dont know the prpoer name for these , they are the step through shopping bikes, no clutch and the gear lever usually eneded up being a pair of mole grips.;):biggrin:

    Later I bought a Suzuki ER50 for the road and a Yam TY125 trials for off.
  13. John Ponting

    John Ponting Über Member

    I've had a few gaps while raising family and a few years of caravan holidays but have done over 250,000 miles in last 22 years (since mid life crisis).

    Sprint ST changed a year ago for a Tiger - more suitable for my elderly ankles and knees. Also helps keep the speed down a bit.
  14. Elmer Fudd

    Elmer Fudd Miserable Old Bar Steward

    Honda C50, C70 and if you were a boy racer like wot I woz, C90.
    Brill for getting to work though, used to love going into the petrol station and say "fill her up". 27p (a litre). Used to last me two weeks ! I only bought it 'cos I went on 3 shifts and no buses. £60 it cost me, s/hand.
  15. gkerr4

    gkerr4 New Member

    yep - fond memories of my AE50 as a 16yr old - loved it. Swapped it for a honda - think it was an MBX50 and some cash as my ae50 was a minter. Traded the honda for a yamaha RD125LC which I fell of a couple of times. currently have a kawasaki ZX636 - which is awsome!
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