Fun ride in.


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Coming up to a junction in Finchley there's a big flat bed truck waiting at the lights with oodles of room to filter. It's not signaling. I think "why bother?" and wait behind, the lights change and still without signaling it smoothly turns left.
Next junction there's a big white coach waiting at the lights. I think "why not?" and filter. Suddenly there's a knocking from the coach window. I look up and there's a load of pretty girls smiling and waving at me. I smile and wave back, the lights change and off it goes, straight ahead on a clear road so soon out of sight.
Later on (in Camden) I'm behind a slow cyclist and something with an impatient sounding engine is behind me. When the cyclist turns off I get ahead but the driver behind is clearly not going to leave it alone. I go through a pelican on amber, he follows through a couple of seconds later so I know that he's going to pass me and pull in a bit.
It's that coach full of girls again.
At the next red I knock on the glass and smile and wave. Much surprised they are to see me, too. For the next two miles they're banging on the windows (I hope that they're not going to the London Aquarium, or they'll give the fish Hell,) and waving at me at every red light (in Camden, that's every 20 yards or so) and filming me with their mobiles. Eventually I leave them behind in Eversholt Street but I'll be checking to see if any of that phone footage turns up on Youtube.


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I thought that was going to end like in Dumb and Dumber and you'd get invited onto the coach to be the bikini judge!:smile:
Maybe one day it shall be so Don!:biggrin:

Good call on holding back on the lorry though aye!
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