Funky noises from a 8 speed

I've been testing out our slowly developing eight speed tourer, and while almost everything is fine, the rear cassette makes a noise in the second largest gear. All the others are silent and run beautifully, but that one rattles. I've tried to adjust the mech with the screw at the back but no joy. It looks like it may be the jockey wheel being too close to the cassette, but if that's the case, I wonder why it isn't a problem in the largest gear on the cassette?


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Any extra, unwanted, play in that gear?
Okay, I've found the problem.

It appears the rear mech needed cleaning a few weeks ago, and the blithering idiot who did the job took it to bits and reassembled it with the back part of the cage backwards, so part of the cage was rubbing against the larger sprocket when the bike was being used in second gear.

Obviously I have no idea who this idiot may have been.

Anyway, we've now reassembled it the right way around and the noises have stopped, so we can all forget this ever happened, okay?
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