Hello folks - question for you commuters.

I'm going to be downsizing shortly from my current house that has a garage.

There will just be me and my daughter living there.

I'll be buying a house/flat/whatever but I am just working out my options. Not sure how long I will have the house for as I'm in a bit of a transition at the mo, but who knows.

I have 4 bikes, plus loads of bike stuff (spare wheels, workstand) etc. I do most of my own maintenance and with commuting 5 days a week the bikes quickly get dirty.

I'm thinking I really need a garage. 3 bikes is going to shortly turn into 4 bikes, albeit the new purchase isn't leaving my sight and I will hang that up as an ornament.:whistle:

Does anyone have any thoughts if you have been in a similar situation when looking for a house? Thoughts on garage-less but a house that has a conservatory (easy to keep clean)? Or just a garden and no garage and a very very secure shed (e.g the Asgard types).



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4 adult bikes - Asgard plus living room and garden shed


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Somewhere flat
Spare room has 2 bikes and a frame currently leaning against the wall. Have used the hallway to erect the workstand a cpl of times this week but it almost all ended in tears as we have trodden on small pieces of oil-like grime and walked it into the living room and onto the sofa! Have previously used a large kitchen as a workshop and in one place my bedroom was really just overtaken by bikes and bike components / tools. Not nice. If we ever buy then a garage is going to be high up on my wish list. Commuting means regular maintenance or at the very least a weekly clean of the chain and inflation of tyres plus a bit of baby wipeage. I would urge you to ensure you allow as much room as possible, particularly having more than 2 bikes. They can end up taking over!!

I should add that I also rent a secure bike locker that's located within the grounds, although this is used purely to keep the dirty MTB which is seldom ridden - filthy beast.


We have a partially covered yard - recently made even more secure after the theft of a bike - where the kids' bikes live.
Mr6 and I keep two MTB and two road/ hybrids in the second living room. One folder is in there too and one in the bedroom.
A garage would be nice


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Evey said I couldn't put any more bikes in the kitchen, so I had a shipping container style box delivered to the garden. Can be dismantled from the inside and carried like the worlds heaviest flat pack, but once assembled its safe as houses from the outside.

Obvious plus point is that whilst 4 bikes in the kitchen was too many, 4 in a shipping container isn't really good use of space unless there's a chain of N+1s attached.


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Utility room off the kitchen for the currently popular bikes, shed for the rest. Never had a house with a garage.


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I have a very small flat with a tiny courtyard garden. Have a small shed where the wheels and trailers and stuff go and an Asgard 4x bike locker for the bikes.


Got 6 bikes, a car, tools, spare oven (long story!!), and all other associated crap in my garage and one bike that lives in the bedroom without a problem:eek:

I do live on my own, and am my own boss though!!


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Old house bikes were in the shed, there wasn't any room in the garage with the car in there. New house garage is full of all the junk we haven't sorted since moving and the door isn't very secure. There is a bike in there, but most are in a brick outhouse, and the commuter is in the conservatory to make it easier in the mornings.
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