garmin edge 500 upload problem

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by bigkev61, 27 Jul 2012.

  1. bigkev61

    bigkev61 New Member

    having just invested in a brand new garmin edge 500 , all set up and went out on quite a few long rides , downloaded all the revelant drivers for the garmin onto my pc , but every time i try to upload ride data through garmin connect , i keep getting the message on my pc type error "style" is null or not an object , help is gratefully appreciated , many thanks
  2. fossyant

    fossyant Ride It Like You Stole It!

    South Manchester
    That's Odd - try Garmin support pages/forum. Do you have the Garmin Communicator plug-in for firefox/internet explorer ?

    The only things I ever get is that the communicator plug-in sometimes doesn't detect the units (got a 705 and a 200). Unplug it and re-connect and restart firefox usually works.

    Can you upload to the Training Centre Program - i.e. the one that you get from Garmin - non web based.
  3. Garz

    Garz Squat Member

    I would try fossy's suggestion first but have used my 500 for two years now and never come across that error. :sad:
  4. Rob3rt

    Rob3rt Man or Moose!

    If all else fails, or as a stop gap, just use it like a generic USB device, access the device from "My Computer£ or the Mac or Linux equivalent, copy off the data, then manually import the data to Garmin Training Centre or upload to Garmin Connect from your pc.
  5. theloafer

    theloafer Guru

    newton aycliffe
  6. doctornige

    doctornige Well-Known Member

    I think I can help. My Mac was doing exactly the same until I realised that I had to wait a while for the Edge 500 to be recognised as a disk. It can take up to half a minute. The Garmin Communicator software won't see the Edge until the computer has mounted it as a disk.
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