garmin edge 500 upload problem


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having just invested in a brand new garmin edge 500 , all set up and went out on quite a few long rides , downloaded all the revelant drivers for the garmin onto my pc , but every time i try to upload ride data through garmin connect , i keep getting the message on my pc type error "style" is null or not an object , help is gratefully appreciated , many thanks


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That's Odd - try Garmin support pages/forum. Do you have the Garmin Communicator plug-in for firefox/internet explorer ?

The only things I ever get is that the communicator plug-in sometimes doesn't detect the units (got a 705 and a 200). Unplug it and re-connect and restart firefox usually works.

Can you upload to the Training Centre Program - i.e. the one that you get from Garmin - non web based.


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If all else fails, or as a stop gap, just use it like a generic USB device, access the device from "My Computer£ or the Mac or Linux equivalent, copy off the data, then manually import the data to Garmin Training Centre or upload to Garmin Connect from your pc.


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I think I can help. My Mac was doing exactly the same until I realised that I had to wait a while for the Edge 500 to be recognised as a disk. It can take up to half a minute. The Garmin Communicator software won't see the Edge until the computer has mounted it as a disk.
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