Garmin Edge 705 and auto pause problem.


Got a problem, all is going fine, it's recording speed, then I stop, and most of the time, when it does this, and then auto pauses, it never starts up again?? I have to reboot the device for it to detect speed.

Does the 705 need the magnet on the wheel? I did not bother with that as I could not be bothered measuring the wheel, is that the cause?



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I just use auto wheel size - never had an issue. Are you using the cadence unit, if so I would use the magnet for increased accuracy, and it may be waiting for that to signal movement. That said it should detect movement from the GPS.

Certainly try it first. Are you on the latest firmware that they have had for about a year - the one prior to that was well dodgy with autopause.


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Are you using the cadence sensor?

Not 100% but I THINK, if you use the gsc10 sensor, this will take precedence over gps speed.


If you've no cadence sensor, then the unit obviously just uses GPS for speed, and shouldn't have a problem with restarting.
If you have a cadence sensor it apparently depends on which software update you're running, the later versions only use the sensor (except when sensing the wheel size in auto, which usually takes a couple of minutes). I can confirm this as when the speed sensor broke in my GSC10 recently, it displayed no speed rather than switching to GPS. Older software versions used GPS and Sensor, but this caused an 'overhanging tree' accuracy problem when satellite signal dropped suddenly.

Things I'd check: in the menu select training and then autopause/lap and check the autopause setting, I have mine set to 'when stopped' and it works fine. I'd also check the wheel size, and enter a custom one from the chart for your wheel size to be sure it's not that.
If you have a cadence sensor try turning it 'off', in menu select settings, ant+sport,Accesories, then select 'no' under cadence sensor present and see what happens then. If the problem disappears then it's likely the cadence sensor.
Other options are to try a soft reset, or a hard reset(loses data) of the head unit. Info here and here I'd contact Garmin support before trying a hard reset though, ideally by phone.
Well now my Garmin won't even detect the Cadence sensor or HR monitor????

Have you tried to pair them via set up.
Recently changed the battery in the HR monitor after getting all sorts of weird readings. Paired it and now working fine.
Video available on Garmin learning centre.
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