Garmin Edge 820.


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I am considering getting one for my Christmas present. It is a good price at Halfords at £150 , not including my 10% off with B.C so £135! ^_^
If you use one, what are your views on it? Is it easy to set up, reliable and long lasting battery?
Does it come with European maps loaded or just UK?


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Ive been really pleased with mine. I haven't had i that long to be honest but its working faultlessly. The touch screen that gets a lot of stick in reviews works perfectly. It seems to upload my rides automatically via WiFi spot on. My only slight dislikes is the screen seems slightly small to just glance at when using the navigation, but then again my eye sight is not the best. I would of also of liked the out front garmin mount to of been sat a liitle more sleeker but I'm probably being a little picky. Overall im really pleased with it. The unit will also update to the latest firmware without the need of connecting it to a laptop. Just switch it on and it will automatically do a quick search. It also connects to GPS lighteningly quick. Mine will find a signal within seconds of switching on, even when indoors!
I think you would not be disappointed with it buddy
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