Garmin Watch Handlebar Mount Question

I've been using Garmin computers, (currently a 520), with a Garmin outfront mount for a number of years and I'm perfectly happy with them.

Trouble is I only went and bought a Garmin Fenix 5X watch a few weeks ago, and now I'm getting back into some cycling as well I've got entirely one too many GPS units about me on the bike.

OK so I could leave the watch at home, but it's my new toy so not likely to happen :girl:

Or, I could leave the 520 at home, and ride with an empty mount, but please, one must consider the aesthetic :laugh:

Seriously tough, I'm considering getting the Garmin watch mounts like THIS, one for each bike, and selling the 520, and the outfront mounts I currently use.

Just wanted to ask if anyone uses them and what they think of having a watch on the bars, is it really any different than any other computer unit? My watch is about the same depth as the 520 anyway, (minus the twist mount part), so size isn't an issue in this.

Lat thing, I do like the outfront look, but although there are outfront options for mounting watches I don't think they look right in side profile, (I know I know :whistle:).

I might just buy a cheap watch mount and see what it looks like, then if I like it I'll get a Garmin one for the road bike and stick the cheap one on the Marin.

Any thoughts on the bar mounts? :okay:

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Sorry if I am missing something but if you have got a 520 on the bars what's wrong with wearing the Fenix on the wrist?


I don't use one but I have a garmin watch. It does watchy-things on my wrist with my 820 on the handlebars. If I'm going for a quick run to the shops I'll end up just recording using my watch, and on commutes I use the watch to send my HR to the 820.

I've seen someone with a watch mounted to their handlebars, it looked pretty awful.


I have a garmin watch and was quite excited at the prospect of mounting it on the bike as I really hate the plastic like strap and the sweat can build up a bit if you're not careful. Aesthetics are definitely a concern though. ^_^
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