gas is no wear to be found around here


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I love my ebike. However, it was a gift and not something I would have chosen for myself. Don't plan to be getting another, or even replacing it were the worst to happen.

It's great, and it is undoubtedly useful as I recover from illness, but its just simply too slow. I virtually all riding scenarios I'm faster on a regular bike, and losing 3 or 4 MPH off my average for no real reason and being just as knackered at the end of it just seems...odd.

I'll still enjoy it for the novelty, and it is fun in it's own way.


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Never had a gas car, used a gas forklift at one time, but never really caught on in the UK. Most cars still petrol or diesel. Electric is starting to come in, and it seems there is mode 1, 2, 3, and 4. And in the village there is one charge point, but electric bikes can only use mode 1 or mode 2, and there seems to be no public charge point which used mode 1 or 2. So rather limited how far one can go as no way to recharge it.

My inverter is 150 watt so in theory since the charger used around 126 watt I should be able to charge it, but I think it would trip on overload.
The US term gas from gasoline is apparently derived from Mr Cassell and his patented Cazoline lamp fuel. Gas does not refer to the gaseous state of matter and it most definately a liquid hence is transportable in plastic bags.


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So if petrol is called gas, what do they call gas? Seem to remember working on a National Gas engine back in the 70's 1 foot stroke and 1 foot bore, around a 10 foot flywheel and maximum RPM was 100. It was used to demonstrate how a rope dynamotor worked, but when UK went from coal gas to north sea gas it could not be easy converted. I was sad when I realised it had gone.
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