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Just worked out what my gear inches are using the bikecalc. Apart from letting me see with combinaions offer the same gear inch, what else can I interpret from the figures I'm now looking at. Why are there different colours for the numbers too, I cant any legend


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My colour vision is rubbish but it looks like it codes them High (>80") Low (<50") and medium (50-80). Medium is blue. I expect high and low are red and green. Or green and red. Or perhaps brown. Or ... who knows ... puce or something.

Now you know that, what do you know? Well, if you wanted to change the gearing on your bike, maybe you find yourself spinning out in top gear or dying the death on moderate hills in bottom gear, then now you know the absolute value for your hi and lo gears, and you can work out a gear combo that better suits your needs and put "what if" scenarios into the calculator.

Or perhaps you can work out that if I go x km/h in gear y then my cadence will be z. Or something like that.


I think the colours are a "broad brush" attempt to indicate where a similar ratio would be on a big ring, compared to the small ring.

Take the top blue figures in each column.
50 x 17 = 77.3

The nearest ratio on your small ring would be
34 x 12 = 74.4

The colours are just to make it easy on your eyes to read across the page.

Cheers keith


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