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Darren Jeffrey

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Bought a triban 3 a few weeks back and whilst I'm happy with the bike I'm not to convinced by the gears. They grind a bit when changing and slip into other gears when I'm pedalling hard on occasion. I've had it back to the shop recently and they have adjusted it and told me its fine but still these issues continue.

I was wondering if it would be better upgrading to a better quality of gears and what the cost of that would likely be


jonny jeez

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more likely the shop has not adjusted the cable tension appropriately.

Try putting the bike in the gear with the smallest rear cog (on the cassette at the back) and then turn the pedals. as you do, does it click and jump about?

if sdo adjust the little barrell screw that is at the end of the gear cable on the back of the rear mech (the figure of 8 gear thingy) a small twist should tune the gears to stop grinding.

once done on one cog, all the rest will fall into place.

if the grinding comes from the from mech, then let me know.

PS dont fiddle with the two screws on top of the rear mech..not yet at step at a time


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I would suggest they are still not set up correctly as the groupset is a perfectly usable groupset. You would be looking at the price of the bike again to make the upgrade worthwhile!


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As others have said its liable to be cable stretch or not set up right , i have the same groupset on the commuter and its seen a good 10 k + miles and is still going strong.All i have had to do is to change chains, cassettes and clean/lube regulary to keep it running ok.
Recently the shift quality has dropped down a smidge but it still works fine and i think it needs a new cable but thats not a big job.
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