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Sorry to post yet another gear question but I can't find the answer to my specific question.

I have a Pinnacle Mean Streak 1.0 - the frame is more mountain bike than road, but the gears are to my mind hybrid. Last week I used the bike on the C2C fully loaded and found the gear ratios inadequate. I needed both lower and higher gears.

The bike is fitted with 7 speed Shimano gears - 28/38/48 chain ring with 14-28 on the rear.

I really like the rest of the bike and have given myself a budget of around £100 to improve it. What is the most cost effective way of upgrading this bike?


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Freewheel or cassette?

One of these will give you a bit more range top & bottom if it's a cassette, but the jumps between gears are pretty big.

If freewheel you'd be lucky to find anything beyond 14-28

Are your chainwheels bolted on or riveted?
If bolted you might be able to find a 26T and 50T with the right BCDs cheap on fleabay. In theory that would be outside the range of most front mechs.... but it should still work.

Should have checked can still get 7 speed 14-34 freewheels which will give you lower "bottom" gear. - and changing the 48 big ring for a 50 will get you slightly higher top end, although at 90RPM it's only about an extra 1 mph


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Thankyou - Pete, the chain rings appear to be screwed on. They are nasty black cheap things, it will be nice to replace them.


I am not surprised that you run out of gears at the top end. A ratio of 48-14 is quite low for a descent, but more than adequate for flat riding for most legs. At the other end 28-28 is pretty low. One turn of the pedals will turn the back wheel once. I have not toured, but it may be worth chatting it through with a bike shop. Ideally, you want to increase the range for your rear cassette - this will be cheapest option.
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