Gel or Memory Foam Saddles???


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Hi All,
I'm looking into a new saddle/s for my tandem. Can anyone advise me on using Gel or Memory Foam saddles? Is one better than the other? or don't bother with them and try something else. What's your thoughts? Cheers


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If your riding for more than an hour soft is bad! Get a harder saddle with no more than 3mm of padding (seems to be most commonly talked about amount) and some good padded shorts/under shorts.

Too much padding on the saddle puts pressure in the soft tissue which causes a lot of discomfort over distance. While a soft saddle can feel good on short trips, it will cause damage in the long run.

You need a saddle of the right width to support your sit bones properly and a good pad to provide shock absorption in the right localised places.
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