Gel saddles?

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by hoppym27, 30 Sep 2017.

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    That depends on the seat, those inexpensive thick gel seats no, they are the worse, but an expensive gel seat can be quite nice depending on the individuals butt. However if you're only going around a couple of blocks or around a park then any seat will work, but once you start doing 10 plus miles then that's when things get different. A big key to comfort on a saddle is two things, primarily does the saddle fit you? a bike shop can ,measure your sit bones and tell you exactly what width of saddle you need (you can do it yourself if the local bike shop doesn't have that capability by simply sit on a 1/2 thick sheet of styrofoam with your feet flat on the ground and sitting like you would in a chair with light clothing (not jeans) for about one minute that leave two small indentations in the foam sheet, then measure the distance from center to center between the two indentations. The next issue is to determine what you bike's geometry is, if it's a bike that you set more upright on it will take a different seat vs one that is more of lean over type of riding style. With those two bits of information in your head the only thing left to consider is how far do you plan on riding the bike, the longer you will ride during a day the more expensive a saddle you should get...within your budget of course.
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    The less you weigh the comfier a good fitting saddle feels (IMHO)..................
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    Also, stronger legs and spinning not mashing reduces the saddle pressure, balancing it between bum and feet. The best fitting saddle can soon start to feel nasty if your legs have given up and you're using a bike saddle as a seat like a sack of spuds.
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