gelert tent vs aztec, suggestion

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i'm looking for a solo tent and plan to be using it on tour but to also stay in b&bs, so won't be getting intensive use.on the cost vs weight vs size equation these 2 look the best: gelert solo1 lightweight 1.5kilo, 13x31 cm and £20 -£25, and aztec rapido 1.6 kilo, size 40x10x10cm (i'm assuming it's not square xsection) around £55. does anyone have experience of these tents and which might be the better buy. the gelert looks great value but is it flimsy liable to leak and fall apart after a week?


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I can't answer your question directly because I have never used either of those. What i can say is that I have just gone through the same process of choosing a tent for cycle touring and ended up settling on this tent:

It's heavier than the ones you are considering and a little more expensive so it may not be the one for you...however it is a two man tent and as such has more space inside. It also has a double skin and pitches as one. There is a nice space under the fly sheet to put pannier bags and shoes and even cook in a storm. It is dead easy to put up and take down (5 mins max) and the black colour is great for any possible wild camps where you don't want to be seen.

It packs down into a very small stuff sack bag which can easily sit on your rear rack or in a pannier as I have it. It comes with 13 pegs and a small pole 'fixer bit' in case you snap the pole. It has a rear 'window'/vent. On th edownside the groundsheet is very thin (as with most hiker tents I suspect) and whilst it is totally adequate for a soft grass field I have added a simple footprint made from a B&Q tarp (£3max) to give some added protection against sharp stones etc....I would guess that you might end up doing the same on those other tents as well.

I am very happy with it. I slept out in it twice as a test and one of those night had torrential rain and not a drop got inside the tent....there was also no condensation inside and the tent was nice and warm inside.

Ok...hope that might help a bit.
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