general maintainance - where do i start?


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St Neots , Cambs
hi folks,

ive always had crappy bikes and never bothered doing anything to look after them, recently i brought a really nice one, the problem is how to maintain it and this concerns me, im in st neots, cambs and cant find any local courses that can teach me so;

are there any bike maitainance books that will teach me how to look after a new road bike with sti levers and such, they would need to be recent and really start at the basics in a clear way?

or does anyone live locally that may be willing to teach me? id be happy to compensate you )

i can oil a chain, fix a pucture and tighten things that look loose and thats about it for the most part, this is something i want to address asap :biggrin:

my STI levers / transmission are my main concern im afraid to touch them, i can probably work out the rest.

would appreciate any advice,



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I've got one of the Haynes Bike Books. I've just looked on amazon and there are newer ones than the 4th edition that I have (but even that covers STI levers).

I like Haynes manuals (both for helping me with minor fixes, and looking at all the stuff I could be able to bodge if only I was a*sed to ;) ).

I also used the Bicycle Tutor site for the video guides on how to screw-up (sorry, i mean adjust) my gears.

HTH ;)


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+1 for the haynes manual I also bought a road bike specific one, the name escapes me I'll have a look later, the most important is a good bicycle tool kit mine is a draper one, there's no point buying crap the tools are rubbish they break too easy.


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+ 1 to the Bicycle Tutor site. After watching the tutorial on there I replaced my bottom bracket and it was easy peasyB)
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